EPF Withdrawal After Leaving The Job- How To Apply

EPF Withdrawal After Leaving The Job- How To Apply

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Did you also left the job and now you want to withdraw your EPF balance? You must have heard about the long and difficult procedure of the PF withdrawal. But, Don’t worry. I will tell you the procedure of EPF withdrawal. By Following this, you will get your Employee Provident Fund money easily and quickly. But before that, Please answer some questions.

  • Are you still on the job?
  • Are you going to have a job?
  • Can you manage without EPF money?

If your answer is YES, you should not withdraw the EPF balance. There are 4 reasons to avoid the PF withdrawal.

Why Should You Avoid PF Withdrawal

  1. EPF is a retirement corpus. You should not touch it as far as possible. It becomes very tough to build a retirement corpus in older age.
  2. You can easily transfer PF balance through the online process. Build your retirement corpus by adding the PF balances.
  3. Your PF withdrawal amount becomes taxable if it is withdrawn before the 5 yearsof the PF account opening.
  4. It is against the rules if you withdraw the PF account balance of an earlier job while you are still employed.

You should withdraw the PF amount only when you don’t have any job for more than 2 months and you are not going to get a job. According to the rules, you can’t withdraw PF amount within 2 months of leaving the service.

Although in certain conditions, you can get the PF amount immediately after leaving the job. Even, if the situation arises you can take loan from the EPF account.

Checklist of EPF Withdrawal

To withdraw the PF amount you should check the following information.

  1. The UAN is mandatory for EPF withdrawal.  You can’t contact EPFO without the UAN.
  2. Your name should match the bank account.
  3. Your date of birth and father’s name should match the identity proof.
  4. Your employer should register the exit date in EPFO records.

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Online PF Withdrawal Facility

Online facilities have helped you tremendously. Then why should there not be onlinePF withdrawal facility? Actually, It should have started years ago. Finally, the online PF withdrawal has been started in May 2017. Till that date, You can only transfer EPF online.

In fact,  universal account number (UAN) of PF has changed the whole process of pf withdrawal and transfer. Do you know your UAN number? No, you can find out the UAN number online.

There are two methods to withdraw the Employee Provident Fund. The first method is easy and preferable. You should go for the second method only if the first method does not work.

1. EPF withdrawal From New Form

In this method of EPF withdrawal, you do not require the employer’s attestation! A big relief!

This method is for those members who have given their Adhaar number at UAN portal. Once your Adhaar gets authenticated by the employer, you don’t need further attestation by the employer. Thus, you should link your Adhaar with the UAN during the job. It would save you from many hassles.

Thus, to withdraw the EPF you have to go through these steps.

  1. Link you Adhaar number to UAN.
  2. Get your Adhaar authenticated by the Employer
  3. Download the new EPF withdrawal form. It is very small form and requires few details.
  4. Fill the new EPF withdrawal form and submit it directly to the regional PF office.

Because of the direct form submission, the whole PF withdrawal process takes less time. You can expect PF within a week.

2. EPF withdrawal From Old Form

You have to use regular Form 19 for EPF withdrawal. Your employer should give this form to you. Else, you can directly download form 19 from the EPFO website. With the provident fund, you may also like to withdraw the pension amount. However, you can get scheme certificate instead of pension amount if your service is for less than 10 years.  If you have served for more than 10 years, you will get the pension only, that also over the  age of 50. To withdraw the pension amount you have to fill the form 10 C.

Details You Have To Collect

Relax, you have not to give any documents for PF withdrawal. But, you must have some information beforehand.

  1. PF account number
  2. Date of joining
  3. Date of leaving
  4. Bank Account number (it should be the same which was registered by your employer)
  5. IFSC code

Also, you have to give a cancelled cheque for account number assurance. There may be an error in writing the account number.

Above all, the most important thing is the good relation with the HR department of your employer. If he coöperate you need not to worry about anything and you will get the money quickly as well. Else, getting EPF money may be challenging for you. However, you can apply for EPF withdrawal without the approval/signature of the employer. You can see instruction for every column of the form 19.

PF Withdrawal Process after leaving the job

Procedure For Applying

  1. Visit the human resource department of the employer with a copy of the blank cheque is enough.
  2. The HR department will give you the form 19 and 10 C. You can have it beforehand.
  3. Even you can ask information about your joining and leaving date from the HR.
  4. Submit both the forms with HR.
  5. HR will attest the form and send it to the regional PF office.
  6. The regional PF office takes about one month to process your application.
  7. EPFO deposits PF amount directly to the employee’s account.

You can track your application status through this link. You can also know the PF balance in your account.

Common Problems In PF Withdrawal

The signature can mismatch. After a long stint, your signature can change. If this is the situation, then you have to make an affidavit. This Affidavit should be also verified by the employer.

There may be errors in spelling of your or your father’s name. Again, your employer will rectify if first, then you can apply for withdrawal.

You may have closed your earlier account. An affidavit and employer attestation would work in this case as well.

The employer did not submit your recent PF contribution. If it happens, you can complain to regional EPFO. Else, you can wait for some days.

You have not served your notice period and the employer is not supporting. Don’t worry, you can withdraw EPF without the employer’s signature as well. If you haveuniversal account number, don’t worry for this highhandedness.

Your employer doesn’t have a record of the EPF account number. To get the PF number search your old Pay Slip. Generally, it has the PF account number. Still, you can’t get the PF number, write a letter to the regional Pf commissioner with all the details (name, father’s name, DOB, Name of establishment, Location, date of joining date of leaving) and ask for PF number. Use register your grievance facility of EPFO.

The Company is no more. In this case, you should follow the procedure of PF withdrawal without employers signature.

EPF Withdrawal App

Now you can use the EPF withdrawal app to get your money without any role of the employer. However, to use this facility you must Link the Aadhaar with UAN. You can use this app to download EPF passbook and claim for EPF transfer.

The Rollback of EPF Withdrawal Age Condition

In April 2016, The government has made the rules of EPF withdrawal very strict. According to new rules you can’t withdraw the employer’s contribution before the age of 58. After the protest by trade unions, the government rolled back its decsion. Now the old rule of EPF withdrawal prevails. It means, you can withdraw your EPF amount before the retirement if you remain jobless for two months.

In the budget 2016, the government has also proposed tax on 60% amount of PF corpus. But after the massive protest, the government junked this proposal.

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